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Our Business

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Investment Structuring is central to our business

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Partnerships are the pillars


Time-bound results are non-negotiable.

At Leespa we acknowledge the private sector as the engine of growth for African countries. As such, our approach prioritizes private sector investment- in that when we invest in Africa, we make available capital, technical expertise and business development strategies available to African enterprises.

Overall We Connect, We Invest and We Build.

We broker partnerships between African governments/businesses and their foreign counterparts. These partnerships bother on the exchange of  financial resources, technical support  and business development networks between parties. In addition, Leespa acts as the liaison to ensure  compliance and a seamless closure of agreement and the accompanying execution.

Leespa makes direct investments into businesses operating in targeted sectors. These take the form of mergers, acquisitions and/or  management support. Under this arrangement, Leespa takes up is ownership rights  in the target entity and provide the requisite leadership towards the attainment of performance milestones and growth targets. Leespa’s equity financing focuses on businesses transforming raw materials into finished and semi finished products. This essentially is an agenda to strengthen and promote local production capacity of businesses in Africa.

We facilitate access to long-term credit and concession loans for businesses for which they are appropriate. This is based on the recommendation of our team of valuation experts, who will ascertain and  recommend debt instead of equity to particular organizations. Businesses qualifying for Leespa Credit Program must meet the foundational criteria as set by Leespa.

Entry into African markets is mostly confusing and frustrating for many investors and organizations. Leespa provides a 360 market entry solution to businesses expanding to Africa and setting up anew in Africa. Leveraging our accreditation with governments and key stakeholders, we facilitate the entry process in terms of the regulatory requirements and logistics supplies.

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